Each day, we handle the challenges we are facing in our industry, with great enthousiasm. We set out to buy the best and freshest products, which we process according to the most stringent exisiting quality criteria (we are IFS certified). In order to serve you without any difficulties, we keep an extensive stock programme, of course without jeopardising the freshness of the products. On top of that, we are MSC and ASC certified, which means we offer you the best sustainable fish and seafood.


Worldwide integration of quality standards is a fact


Multi-Fish has recently invested in the expansion of its worldwide network of own staff and local partners in the most important countries of origin. This was an essential step towards the harmonisation of product specifications and compliance with quality standards set by our own quality department in Belgium.


Whether it is China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh or India, everywhere our finished products are screened according to the same system, relying on the same parameters in order to ensure that customers get the same product guarantees, regardless of their origin.


At the same time, and thanks to our global structure and the fast interaction with our people on the spot, we are capable of organizing product development, creating new product presentations and packaging in an efficient way. Custom-made products are therefore also amongst the variety of possibilities.